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Financing zero interest

Zero 36 MerCruiser

Financing zero interest

Offer valid from 20/09/18 until 31/01/2019.

In 36 months - first 90 days installment - amount can be funded from € 15,000 to € 40,000. Example: € 18,000 (total amount of credit) in 36 installments of € 500.00 - TAN fixed 0.00% APR 0.00%. The APR represents the total cost of credit expressed as an annual percentage and does not include any cost charged to the customer - total amount due € 18,000.00. Offer valid from 20/09/2018 to 31/01/2019. Advertising message for promotional purposes. For pre-contractual information, request the document "European Basic Consumer Credit Information" (SECCI) and copy of the contract text at the point of sale. Without approval Agos Ducato Spa. Mercury operates as a non-exclusive credit intermediary.

All prices quoted are already compensatory for the promotion valid until January 31, 2019. Further and extremely advantageous opportunities can be offered by the Mercury MerCruiser sales and service network. Funding campaigns in collaboration with Agos.

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