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Some call it a two-stroke. Some call it direct injection. Others simply call it the best-performing outboard on the water. From the rocket hole-shots to the unmatched top end, OptiMax sets the standard for power, acceleration, and fuel economy.

Dome-Shaped Pistons (Pro XS models)

Direct the fuel-and-air charge to the spark plug for more efficient fuel burn.

Carbon Fiber Reeds (Pro XS models)

Durable and responsive, control airflow into the engine crankcase for more power.

Direct Fuel Injection (DFI)

Increases power, fuel efficiency, reliability and versatility.

Stainless Steel Components

Resistant to corrosion, for long-term durability.

Torque Master II Gearcase

The Torque Master II gearcase, available on select Pro XS™ outboards, is designed for lightweight performance bass and saltwater flats boats with top speeds of up to 85 mph. Its stout 1.25-inch prop shaft can handle the strain of running at an elevated mounting height. Patented front water pickups keep the engine running cool regardless of engine height. A cambered skeg improves handling and drivability.

Mercury® OptiMax® Outboards - Features

A direct savings on fuel.

OptiMax engines are some of the most fuel-efficient engines on the water. Two-stage direct injection turns fuel into propulsion fast and efficiently. More distance per drop. More money for crankbaits. More time fishing instead of gassing up. Direct injection strikes again.

Clean get aways.

Precise and consistent fuel charge for perfect combustion. More power. Lower emissions. In fact, low enough to meet the toughest, most demanding international air-quality standards. Nothing gets a boat out of the hole, on plane, and across the lake quicker and more efficiently.

Leave traditional two-stroke thinking behind. Way behind.

Two-stroke power and acceleration, for sure. Fewer moving parts, yes. But a few new things you'll have to get used to. Like less fuel, smoke, and maintenance. More time on the water. We think you'll adjust.

There's fast. Then there's fast.

The OptiMax® Pro XS has what serious pros and weekenders want, need, and demand. Incredible response. Breathtaking hole-shots to eye-watering at wide-open throttle. Special carbon fiber reeds and customized piston heads for dialed-up speed and screaming acceleration. Torture-tested systems and components. And in side-by-side tests, up to 15 percent better fuel consumption than other outboards. When your passion is putting fish in the livewell, you put a Pro XS on the transom.

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