Inclinazione comoda e facile.

Convenient and Easy Tilting.

Push down on the tiller handle to easily tilt the outboard to any position, made easy with our exclusive ratcheting transom bracket.

Peso contenuto.


At only 83 pounds, these engines are very portable and improve the performance of lightweight boats.

Power in the Palms of Your Hands.

Power in the Palm of Your Hand.

Tiller models feature the exclusive Mercury multifunction tiller that puts

  • shifting
  • throttle control (with improved slow-speed throttle advance for optimal trolling)
  • stopping
  • tilting
  • steering

in the palm of your hand.

Caratteristiche migliorate

Enhanced Features.

The Mercury 8 FourStroke outboard includes:

  • New three-position choke and no primer button improve starting, simplify the starting procedure and allow the engine to warm up faster
  • A richer idle air / fuel mix makes the engine easier to start and provides better idle running quality (tiller handle models)
  • A change to the ignition timing allows fishermen to find and hold optimal troll speed