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MudbuMs create their own brand of river fun

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Not your typical buddies gone fishin’

Where does a group of gritty outdoorsmen named The MudbuMs fish? If you’re standing on a train trestle, looking downstream and wondering what’s around the next bend, that’s where these guys fish – around the next bend, because maybe that’s where the big fish swim.  

The MudbuMs’ typical hangouts are visions from Deliverance, but without the mountains. The water is murky and chock-full of tree trunks and branches. Sandbars, boulders, and mounds of mud lurk just below the surface, waiting to tear boats apart. The MudbuMs wear blue jeans, ball caps, and T-shirts, and when they say they like to “get down in the dirt,” they’re talking about anything that gets them outside.    

“Our passions change with the seasons,” said Blaine Garrett of the MudbuMs. “Many people only know us from the show and assume we catfish every waking moment of our lives. While we do love catfishing when the bite is hot, for us, it’s all about getting out and experiencing life in the outdoors with our best friends. Conquering whatever adventure is on the horizon that day. Those adventures are vast and varied.” 

Here’s how The MudbuMs spend some of their time: Making things go faster, pranking the next victim, and chasing the biggest fish in the river. They don’t claim to be the best at any of those activities, but they enjoy them all equally. Childhood is behind them, but senior-citizen status remains well beyond the horizon. They’re still finding their way down the river of life. Their meals are consumed on a river bank, and nearly everything is cooked chuck wagon style in cast iron.  

Their choice of boats is small flat-bottomed aluminums with small-to-medium-sized Mercury outboards – jet propulsion models because jets can zip over sunken hardwood trees without getting wrecked. Their quarry is whatever type of big fish grows in whatever river they’re navigating today.  

They even have a cool motto: “We fish for the fish that eat the fish you fish for.” 

This group has not forgotten the infinite ways to have fun on a river . . . and now they have the means, time and ability to do whatever they please. They even have cameras to record everything they do – wise or otherwise – and a contract to Boldly put their antics on the air for everyone to see.  

Learn more about The MudbuMs on the video link with this story, then check out their recently updated YouTube channel – MudbuMs Media Machine. Make sure to subscribe and check back regularly. You can also catch them on Sportsman Channel at 8 p.m. Central time Sundays beginning in January 2019.

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