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June 29, 2018

Mercury SeaPro FourStroke Commercial Warranty now 3-Years

Mercury SeaPro FourStroke Commercial Warranty now 3-Years

Commercial operators who select Mercury’s ultra-tough, ultra-reliable SeaPro four-stroke engines are eligible for an extended factory-backed warranty that’s good for 3-years or 1,500-hours, whichever comes first.

“This is Mercury putting its money where its mouth is,” said Nicholas Webb, Mercury’s Senior Director of Engine Products (Australia, New Zealand, Pacific).

“Commercial operators work their outboards hard, and from the very start Mercury has engineered SeaPro engines to handle the toughest working conditions year after year.

“By increasing the warranty time-period by an additional 1 year we’re saying quite clearly that we are backing these engines and so should commercial operators, however they make their living on the water.”

The new 3-year commercial warranty covers the entire SeaPro four-stroke range, whether that be 4, 6, or 8 cylinders from 15-300hp. Importantly, the warranty is non-declining so it remains the same across the entire 3-year/1,500-hour period, putting it well ahead of the competition.

To qualify for the ‘bonus’ third year of coverage, owners only need to do the sensible thing – follow the recommended service schedule and only use genuine parts and lubricants over the entire warranty period.

Of course, SeaPro outboards are also protected by Mercury’s 2-year corrosion warranty.

SeaPro outboards provide commercial operators with everything they need. They are designed and proven to be durable and easy-to-maintain, delivering reliable starts and improved fuel efficiency as well as providing additional protection against fuel-quality problems. SeaPro engines reach maximum torque at lower rpms, which means more power with less stress on the motor. Boats get on plane faster and stay there longer at lower speeds.

The move to extend the warranty protection for SeaPro four-strokes follows Mercury’s recent decision to provide an extended 6-year warranty for all recreational outboards from the lightest 2.5hp model all the way through to the awesome 350hp Verado.

And all Mercury warranties are supported by the strength and service expertise of one of the largest dealer networks in the country.