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Mercury's proven TwoStroke engines deliver easy starting, gutsy performance, and great all-round reliability. Across the range you’ll find an array of features that help keep your boating experiences more enjoyable and trouble-free. Features such as largest engine capacity displacement, giving you more low-end thrust, advanced carburettor design and fully-regulated, high output alternators powering all your marine electronics will ensure absolute boating excellence. 

Capacitor Discharge Ignition

No maintenance with easy and reliable starting.

Large Displacement, Low Weight.

Proven TwoStroke technology allows for large displacement and lower weight outboards for superior power to weight.

Through-Prop Exhaust

Decreases slippage, reduces noise and exhaust fumes for comfort and improved operation. (not applicable on 2.5 & 3.3hp)

Mercury® TwoStroke Outboards - Features

The ideal power companion.

The TwoStroke line includes the highest displacement engines in their horsepower classifications, plus they give outstanding power to weight ratios for best performance at all speeds.  

Running Quality.

Electric CDI ignition delivers high voltage for quick, sure starts and added fuel efficiency. Innovative sound attenuator helps absorb engine sounds before they can reach the ear, resulting in a quieter running engine on the TwoStroke 40 hp and higher models.

Embracing Technology.

The simple TwoStroke design creates an engine that is less complex and lighter, with automatic low oil level warning for an added peace of mind. 

V6 Grunt meets EFI refinement.

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) delivers fast acceleration and smooth, reliable performance, plus the added grunt of our 2 litre or 3 litre "big-block" engines.

Corrosion protection. An all-out attack.

Corrosion protection. An all-out attack.

Mercury® has always been on the forefront of corrosion protection. Better alloys. Superior paints. Deeper R&D capabilities. Torturous testing in the toughest body of salt water in the world. Our own test tank. Mercury engines have gone through it all. And then some. We would have it no other way.

Three Year Corrosion Warranty
3 + 2 = 5 Year Limited Warranty

See how Mercury technology keeps salt in the water - not in your engine

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