Mercury® Propeller Selector

Propping your boat correctly is one of the best and easiest ways you can improve your boat's performance and make the most of your time on the water. Find the ideal Mercury Propeller in as few as three steps!

Find the right prop for your boat
"Push/Pull” Propulsion

Prop blade rotates downward, pushing water down and back. Water rushes in behind the blade to fill the resulting void. This creates a pressure differential between the blade's two sides: positive push on the underside, negative pull on top. Result? Propeller is both pushed and pulled through the water.


Push/pull forces draw water into the propeller from the front and accelerate it out the back. The resulting jet stream of higher-velocity water behind the propeller creates thrust. Now you're really moving.

Perfect Pitch

Finding yours means identifying what's most important to you for boat performance. More torque for better holeshot? Choose a lower pitch. Higher top-end speed? Go with a higher pitch. At a lower pitch, your engine reaches maximum rpm at lower speeds. That means more initial pull, but a lower top end. A higher pitch prop reverses the equation: less initial pull, higher top end. The goal is to find a propeller that works fine for both acceleration and top speed, but truly performs when you want most.


As with pitch, your ideal number of blades depends on the performance characteristic you're after. A three-blade propeller typically delivers better top-speed performance. Four blades provide better acceleration and smoother cruising operation.


Transmits propeller thrust through forward thrust hub to propeller shaft and, in turn, boat. Contains the Flo-Torq rubber hub or Flo-Torq II Delrin® Hub System.

Maximise Your Mercury Engine’s Performance

Put a Mercury propeller behind it.

Maximisez la performance de votre moteur Mercury.

Stronger materials, more innovative designs, and unmatched engineering expertise keep Mercury ahead of the competition. And you ahead of the pack. From eye-watering top speed for tournament pros to unmatched pulling power for tow sports, Mercury propellers deliver.

Durability counts, too. Which is why more world-wide Marine Rescue and Coast Guard organisations rely on Mercury propellers.