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Heavy Duty

365.8 - 469.9 cm

Perfect for heavier water and heavier gear. Reinforced fabrics. Durable floor. Up to 55 horsepower outboards.

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Air Deck

Air Deck

221.0 - 304.8 cm

These general-purpose boats offer the lightweight ease of transport with the body-pleasing feel of an air-filled floor-soft enough to give up to five people a stable deck surface. These maneuverable boats boast a roomy interior, ready for ship-to-shore use or for regular family outings. Transport has never been easier-with no floor boards, Air Deck boats can be stowed most anywhere. Take the fun of boating wherever you go. Mercury Air Deck boats are the perfect complement to your outdoor lifestyle.

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221.0 - 320.0 cm

Tough, flexible, fiber-reinforced polymer floorboard. More speed, more control, more fun.

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200.7 - 269.2 cm

Dinghy models are compact and very economical for the first-time inflatable boat buyer. These new models offer two additional inflatable compartments (floor and keel) to accompany the internal air chambers to increase safety. The Dinghy models are ideal for families on vacation who want to have fun near the shore, or the individual who has space constraints and cannot transport a large boat. Dinghy models offer a choice of soft or rigid flooring.

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