SmartCraft Compatible

Giving access to dozens of engine, boat and navigation functions with Mercury’s extensive selection of SmartCraft® digital gauges and multi-function displays.

Easy Maintenance Points

Top-mounted fluid reservoirs, self-draining oil filter and easy-to-reach oil dipstick offer low cost of maintenance.

Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT)

Builds exceptional torque at low engine speeds, providing excellent acceleration and reduced time to plane.

Charge Air Intercooler

Cools the compressed hot air from the turbocharger, enhancing overall performance.

Closed Cooling System

Provides the best corrosion protection and durability – inside and out.

Everything and less.

Advanced turbocharger technology. Inboard and sterndrive power that can't be beat. And fuel-injection systems that virtually eliminate the noise and harshness you expect from a diesel engine. More than an engine you can count on. A diesel experience like no other.

In it for the long haul.

Mercury diesel-powered engines give you unparalleled durability. Thermostatically optimised closed-coolant systems. Advanced control systems. And ultimate corrosion resistance. These engines are built to go the distance.

Heavy on performance, light where it counts.

Mercury diesel leads the industry in power-to-weight ratios, delivering heavy-duty propulsion in a lightweight package. For you that means quicker acceleration, faster planing, and improved maneuverability. Higher efficiency, too. Another bonus.

Run fast, run clean.

Advanced intake systems keep Mercury diesels running easy and clean. None of the harshness or fumes from traditional diesels. And an increase of up to 50 percent in fuel efficiency compared to gas engines of the same horsepower. More reasons to go Mercury diesel.