Mercury® Diesel
TDI 4.2L (335-370hp)

Smooth and Powerful

This Mercury Diesel engine sets a new benchmark for low noise and vibration.

  • Power mhp / kW 370 / 272
  • Maximum RPM (WOT) 4200
  • Engine type V8
  • Displacement (L) 4.2
  • Weight (engine only) 836 lbs / 379 kg

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V8 hero Russell Ingall enjoying Mercury Diesel power and Joystick control.

V8 hero Russell Ingall enjoying Mercury Diesel power and Joystick control.

With the motor racing season slowing down for the holiday period, Aussie racing legend Russell Ingall is looking forward to spending some quality time in his newly renovated Riviera M400. 

Powered by a pair of Mercury Diesel TDI 370hp engines with Bravo 3 drives, and controlled via Mercury’s Joystick Piloting system, the boat has been a special project for Russell who’s particularly proud of the outcome.

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Quiet Ride.

Clean, Quiet, Efficient.

Direct Injection (DI) technology uses injectors to spray diesel fuel atomized at 26,000 psi directly into the main combustion chamber of each cylinder. This process optimises fuel efficiency and minimises emissions, along with engine Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) for an enjoyable boating experience.



The TDI engine block is fabricated from Vermicular Graphite Casting (VGC), which has twice the strength of grey iron and most of its attributes, but is 5% to 10% lighter. The end result is low weight, high strength, and maximum heat transfer for optimum cooling.

TDI is a registered trademark of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft
Joystick Piloting for Inboards.

Joystick Piloting for Inboards.

The only joystick piloting system that’s compatible with gasoline or diesel inboard and tow sport engines.

The only joystick piloting system for single-inboard boats.

Many features available to make your tow sport adventures even more amazing - click here to find out more!

Kracht en prestaties.

Power & Performance.

The low weight of these diesels results in best-in-class power-to-weight ratio. Combined with great low-end torque, the end result is crowd-pleasing hole shot, great acceleration, low planing times and ultra-smooth performance.

Intuïtief ontwerp.

Intuitive Design.

Mercury® SmartCraft® compatibility is built into these engines, delivering key information about vital engine functions on an easy-to-read LED display. SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) offers smooth shifting, immediate throttle response and high-tech digital controls.



Mercury diesels feature state-of-the-art anti-corrosion, including a thermostatically controlled closed water-cooled system. Water-cooled engine oil, gear oil and steering fluid decrease engine-room temperatures, extending engine life. The SeaCore® system is available for the ultimate in saltwater protection.


Mercury® Diesel: TDI 4.2L (335-370hp)

  • Power mhp / kW
    • 370 / 272
    Maximum RPM (WOT)
    • 4200
    Engine type
    • V8
    Displacement (L)
    • 4.2
    Weight (engine only)
    • 836 lbs / 379 kg
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  • Power mhp / kW
    • 335 / 246
    Bore and stroke
    • 3.27 x 3.74" / 83 x 95 mm
    Maximum RPM (WOT)
    • 4200
    Engine type
    • V8
    Displacement (L)
    • 4.2
    Dimensions (L x W x H)
    • 47 x 33 x 33" / 1206 x 835 x 836 mm
    Weight (engine only)
    • 836 lbs / 379 kg
    Weight (incl. transmission)
    • 933 lbs / 423 kg
    Weight - Bravo One
    • 1067 lbs / 484 kg
    Weight - Bravo Two
    • 1082 lbs / 491 kg
    Weight - Bravo Three
    • 1093 lbs / 496 kg
    Cooling system
    • Closed cooling
    Fuel consumption
    • 18.5 gph / 69.9 lph @ 4200 rpm
    Compatible drives
    • Bravo One
    • Bravo Three
    • Bravo Two
    • BSO 2 RCD 2 IMO 2 EPA Tier 3
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