Mercury® Diesel
2.8L (220hp)

Compact and Durable

Provides added power for mid-range vessels in either twin or single configurations.

  • Power mhp / kW 220 / 160
  • Maximum RPM (WOT) 3800
  • Engine type Inline 4
  • Displacement (L) 2.8
  • Weight (engine only) 794 lbs / 360 kg

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Le silence est au rendez-vous.

Quiet Ride.

The high-pressure common-rail fuel-injection system not only ensures fuel economy, it also minimises Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH), along with smoke and odor – the undesirable factors many boaters associate with yesterday’s diesels.

Rééquiper? Pourquoi ?

Repower Reasons.

The lightweight, compact design of these diesel engines makes them ideal drop-in replacement power packages for many older, fuel-guzzling petrol engines. Mercury’s full range of drives offers outstanding versatility to owners of sterndrive-powered boats.

Des performances de pointe.

Peak Performance.

Impressive acceleration and quick throttle response are delivered by the proven common-rail fuel system, which incorporates a turbocharger and seawater after-cooler. These engines combine smooth performance with key diesel advantages, such as high torque and optimum fuel economy.

Conception intuitive.

Intuitive Design.

A sophisticated Control Module and Mercury SmartCraft compatibility provide complete control over key engine functions. SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) offers smooth shifting, immediate throttle response and high-tech digital controls.



Mercury diesels feature state-of-the-art anti-corrosion, including a thermostatically controlled closed water-cooled system. Water-cooled engine oil, gear oil and steering fluid decrease engine-room temperatures, extending engine life. The SeaCore® system is available for the ultimate in saltwater protection.


Mercury® Diesel: 2.8L (220hp)

  • Power mhp / kW
    • 220 / 160
    Bore and stroke
    • 3.70 x 3.94" / 94 x 100 mm
    Maximum RPM (WOT)
    • 3800
    Engine type
    • Inline 4
    Displacement (L)
    • 2.8
    Dimensions (L x W x H)
    • 34 x 30 x 31" / 861 x 772 x 793 mm
    Weight (engine only)
    • 794 lbs / 360 kg
    Weight (incl. transmission)
    • 873 lbs / 396 kg
    Weight - Bravo One
    • 1025 lbs / 465 kg
    Weight - Bravo Two
    • 1041 lbs / 472 kg
    Weight - Bravo Three
    • 1052 lbs / 477 kg
    Cooling system
    • Closed cooling
    Fuel consumption
    • 13.4 gal/hr / 50.6 l/ hr @ 3800 rpm
    Compatible drives
    • Bravo One
    • Bravo Three
    • Bravo Two
    • EPA Tier 2
    Compatible with SmartCraft digital technology
    • Yes
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