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You are a real fan of Mercury... Your dream can now come true! The extraordinary Mercury collection is now available for you as a final consumer! We are looking forward to meet you in our shop!

Active Trim

Det svært innovative og intuitive Aktiv trim-systemet ffra Mercury Marine® øker drivstofføkonomi og gjør det å kjøre båt letter og mer nytelsesrikt ved å tilby umiddelbar og uanstrengt automatisk trim for kompatible påhengsmotorer og hekkaggregater.

Se hvordan Active Trim gir deg bedre kontroll

Mercury Marine changes the boating industry.

Marine engine technology has evolved. Mercury Marine continues to expand its outboard and marine engine technology. Mercury is leading the industry with boating innovations from Zeus joystick technology to VesselView displays, Joystick Piloting for Outboards, Active Trim, and Skyhook GPS digital anchoring. In 2016, Mercury introduced the VesselView Mobile app for iOS and Android, and an updated joystick and skyhook feature to its portfolio of technologies.

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