Mercury News

9 Jun 2017

Queenscliff Coast Guard selects Mercury Diesel for crucial repower

Faster.  More reliable. Better to drive.

With the winter weather setting in, the ever-busy Queenscliff Volunteer Coast Guard is more prepared than ever with their nine metre Bass Strait rescue boat now powered by a pair of Mercury Diesel QSD sterndrives.

The two 4.2 litre engines, with industry leading power to weight ratio, deliver a combined 640 HP.

“As soon as the boat was handed over we spent four hours on the water familiarising ourselves with the new engine set-up and the power and performance is very impressive,” said Gary Tomlins, the Flotilla’s Training Officer.

With the new six-cylinder QSD diesels the rescue boat, which tips the scales at 5,000 kilos, boasts a top speed of 37 knots (68 km/h) at 3,880 rpm.

At 3,000 rpm, the Bass Strait cruises at 24 knots with an effective operational range of 200 nautical miles (370 kms).

“The other huge improvements are the controls and engine management systems – better than anything we’ve had before,” he said.

For rescue vessels, engine control and reliability are crucial as the emergencies can come at any time and in any weather.

“Queenscliff has operated Mercury products in the past and we’ve been very happy with the reliability of their engines, so when it came to repowering this time we went with our experience and so far, it looks like a really good call.”

Situated at the mouth of Victoria’s Port Phillip Bay, the Queenscliff Coast Guard flotilla receives up to 65 calls for assistance every year – or more than one a week on average – and recently celebrated its 40th year of active service.

“I would like to thanks the team at Queenscliff Marine who carried out the repower and have been very helpful throughout the process,” Gary said.

The 4.2L, 320 HP Mercury Diesel QSD engines provide power along with unparalleled durability based on thermostatically optimised closed-coolant systems, advanced controls, and the ultimate corrosion resistance.

Advanced turbocharger technology delivers seamless power while the engine’s fuel-injection systems reduce the noise and harshness of traditional diesel engines.

Leading the industry in power-to-weight ratios, Mercury diesels deliver quicker acceleration, faster planing, and improved manoeuvrability.