Active Trim

The first and only GPS-based trim system

The highly innovative and intuitive Active Trim system from Mercury Marine® increases fuel economy and makes boating easier and more enjoyable by providing instant and effortless automatic trim for compatible outboards and sterndrives.

Intuitive, Hands-Free Control.

Active Trim is an integrated GPS, speed-based automatic engine trim system from Mercury Marine. This intuitive, hands-free system continually adjusts engine trim based on changes in boat speed to improve performance, fuel economy, and ease of operation. It responds to boat maneuvers with precision and delivers a better overall driving experience. No knowledge of trimming an engine is needed to take advantage of Active Trim.

  • As the boat accelerates, the engine will trim out
  • As the boat decelerates, e.g. making a turn, the engine will trim in
  • Active Trim can be overridden at any time by using the manual trim buttons
  • Active Trim allows the boat operator to compensate for changes in boat load, driver preferences, and weather conditions while maintaining full automatic control

Active Trim is compatible with most:

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