SmartCraft FAQs

I would like to add SmartCraft instrumentation to my boat. Is my MerCruiser engine compatible? Can I install this myself?

All Mercruiser MPI (multi-port fuel-injected engines) sterndrive, inboard, and tow sports models with serial number 0M300000 and higher are compatible with SmartCraft instrumentation systems. Mercury Marine recommends installation of SmartCraft systems be performed by your Mercury Marine dealer.

What are the features of SmartCraft?

Depending on the gauge system you choose (System Monitor, MercMonitor, System Tach & Speed, or VesselView), you may be able to access the following information:

  • Basic engine parameters (oil pressure, coolant temperature, voltage, total run time, sea water pressure)
  • Boat speed via GPS, paddlewheel, and/or pressure sensor*
  • Sterndrive trim angle
  • Steering angle*
  • Transmission/stern drive in-gear indicator
  • Fuel, water, and waste levels*
  • Water depth*
  • Water temperature with graph
  • Air temperature
  • Dual engine synchronization display
  • GPS interface - course over ground (COG), speed over ground (SOG), distance to waypoint (DTW), bearing to waypoint (BTW)*
  • Engine maintenance records and reminders
  • Comprehensive system diagnostic display
  • Time of day
  • Fuel management, range consumption, gallons remaining

*These parameters require additional sensors not included with the engine package or gauge system.

Can I convert my mechanical engine to DTS?

We do not offer a kit to do this modification and buying individual components to accomplish this is cost-prohibitive.  We cannot help you modify your engine.  Damage caused by product modifications is not covered by the limited factory warranty.

How can I get MerCruiser engine data to display on my GPS/ chartplotter?

The MercMonitor, levels 1, 2, or 3, can be configured as a gateway to export engine and vessel data to an NMEA 2000-compliant chartplotter.

Do I have to use a SmartCraft Monitor with my OptiMax engine?

No, however the operator will be at a disadvantage without a display. The only warning information available will be the horn, and the operator may not be able to identify what caused the warning system to activate. An overview of the warning system follows:

The SmartCraft warning system incorporates the display screen, the warning horn and the Engine Guardian protection system. The warning horn is located inside the remote control or is part of the ignition key switch wiring harness.

Alarm Warnings - When a problem is detected, the warning horn sounds and the name of the offending alarm appears on the display.

  • If the problem can cause immediate engine damage - the horn will sound continuously and the Engine Guardian system will respond to the problem by limiting engine power. Immediately reduce throttle speed to idle and refer to the warning messages on the monitor and descriptions in the Operation, Maintenance & Warranty manual to tell you what to do about it.
  • If the problem will not cause immediate engine damage - the horn will sound but not continuously.

Refer to the warning messages on the monitor and descriptions in the Operation, Maintenance & Warranty manual to tell you what to do. If your manual is missing or damaged, please order online or through any authorized Mercury dealer.

Engine Guardian System - Monitors the critical sensors on the engine for any early indications of problems. The system will respond to a problem by reducing engine power in order to maintain a safe operating condition. The monitor display screen will show the percent of power available.

My trim does not change on my SmartCraft gauge, how can I fix that?

The two most common reasons why a trim may not change:

The engine does not have a digital trim sender. Your local Mercury Marine dealer can add one if your engine did not come with a digital trim sender installed.

The gauge's trim calibration procedure hasn't been performed. If the trim calibration is not performed, the display may not move if the sender is "out of range". Please refer to your SmartCraft owner's manual or contact your local Mercury Marine dealer for more information.

How can I calibrate a SmartCraft fuel tank?

There are three ways to calibrate a SmartCraft fuel tank.

1) Do nothing (the tank will show in percent)

2) Press "Default" (which will divide the tank amount into four equal quarters)

3) Add fuel method

Please refer to your SmartCraft owner's manual or contact your local Mercury Marine dealer for additional information.

Is SmartTow compatible with my engine?

SmartTow is an option on any Mercury outboard or sterndrive that is equipped with SmartCraft DTS (Digital Throttle & Shift). This includes ALL Verado outboards (four- and six-cylinder), including the 250 and 300 hp Pro FourStrokes, and is an option on MerCruiser engines from 5.0L, 5.7L and 6.2L through the 8.2 MAG H.O.

I have an engine equipped with Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS). I'd like to troll faster than the limit for my engine - is that possible?

The Cruise Control function on DTS will let you hold an RPM or speed for any speed troll - as fast or as slow as you like.

How do I enter calibration mode on an SC1000 gauge?

Press and hold the "MODE" and "+" key simultaneously until you see CAL 1 (choose screens). Or continue to hold both buttons until you see CAL2 (calibrate fuel tanks and external sensors).

How do I perform a master reset on an SC1000 gauge?

Press and hold the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons simultaneously. You will see a graphic where a bar will come in from the left-hand side of the screen, and second bar will come in from the right-hand side of the screen. Conitune to hold the buttons until the two bars touch.

Can I globally control the brightness on my SC1000 or MercMonitor gauges and the SC100 links I have attached to them?

Yes. In Calibration mode, select "yes" for the "Remote LCD Light" setting.