Flo-Torq Reflex Hub Kit FAQs

A Flo-Torq Reflex hub system can be used with which engines?

The Flo-Torq Reflex is designed for 40-60 hp standard gearcase Mercury Outboards.  It also fits Yamaha 40-60 hp outboards and Honda 35-60 hp outboards (with washer kit part number 8M0046466).

What are the advantages of a Flo-Torq Reflex compared to the rubber hub it replaced?

The Flo-Torq Reflex is the first propeller hub system to provide the shock absorption of a rubber hub coupled with the superior strength of a two-part composite hub system.  The Flo-Torq Reflex’s innovative design relies on the flexible Flo-Torq Reflex fingers.  The fingers are designed to flex up to eight degrees (each direction), quieting rattle and reducing vibration.  The Flo-Torq Reflex system is also 75 percent stronger than a rubber hub system.

Why does the prop appear to be “loose” on the shaft even though I’ve tightened it down properly?

A small amount of fore and aft play – up to 3/16 of an inch - is required for the flexing action of the hub to work properly.  If there was no play, friction would prevent the sleeve from flexing – and you would actually hear more rattle and vibration.

If the prop has fore and aft play on the shaft, why doesn’t that increase the amount of rattle and vibration?

Once the prop is in the water, whether idling or underway, the forces acting on the propeller actually keep the prop firmly in place against the propeller mounting hardware.