OptiMax FAQs

What is the proper break-in procedure for an OptiMax outboard?

Break-in is important to insure correct engine performance and life. Follow the procedure listed in the Operation, Maintenance & Warranty manual. Generally, for the first two hours we recommend avoiding extended periods of idle or wide-open throttle, or holding the engine at one speed for extended periods of time. New two-stroke engines require additional oil during break-in; OptiMax engines use programming inside the computer to increase the oil mixture during the specified break-in period.

Break-in procedures are described in the Operation, Maintenance & Warranty manual supplied with each new engine.

What is the advantage of the OptiMax/DFI Synthetic Blend 2-Cycle Outboard Oil?

OptiMax and other direct-injected (DI) engines put increased demands on lubricants than carbureted and electronic fuel-injected (EFI) engines. Oils used in traditional two-stroke engines don’t provide the proper protection for the higher operating temperatures and reduced oiling rates of DI engines. Mercury’s OptiMax/DFI oil has additional additives that provide the extra protection needed to maintain peak engine performance and reliability. Simply put, your engine will run longer and stronger with Mercury OptiMax/DFI 2-Cycle Outboard oil.

Can I mix the OptiMax oil with the Premium Plus oil that I have been running in my OptiMax?

Yes. OptiMax oil can be mixed with the Mercury Premium Plus oil that you have been running in your OptiMax.

Do I have to use a SmartCraft Monitor with my OptiMax engine?

No, however the operator will be at a disadvantage without a display. The only warning information available will be the horn, and the operator may not be able to identify what caused the warning system to activate. An overview of the warning system follows:

The SmartCraft warning system incorporates the display screen, the warning horn and the Engine Guardian protection system. The warning horn is located inside the remote control or is part of the ignition key switch wiring harness.

Alarm Warnings - When a problem is detected, the warning horn sounds and the name of the offending alarm appears on the display.

  • If the problem can cause immediate engine damage - the horn will sound continuously and the Engine Guardian system will respond to the problem by limiting engine power. Immediately reduce throttle speed to idle and refer to the warning messages on the monitor and descriptions in the Operation, Maintenance & Warranty manual to tell you what to do about it.
  • If the problem will not cause immediate engine damage - the horn will sound but not continuously.

Refer to the warning messages on the monitor and descriptions in the Operation, Maintenance & Warranty manual to tell you what to do. If your manual is missing or damaged, please order online or through any authorized Mercury dealer.

Engine Guardian System - Monitors the critical sensors on the engine for any early indications of problems. The system will respond to a problem by reducing engine power in order to maintain a safe operating condition. The monitor display screen will show the percent of power available.

How do I connect the older-style gauges to the new OptiMax engines?

Your dealer has detailed service information available for connecting your engine to the older-style gauges. Due to the technical nature of the conversion, we highly recommend having a technician trained on OptiMax products perform the work.

Why is Storage Seal Rust Inhibitor not recommended in the newer EFI and OptiMax engines?

Storage Seal Rust Inhibitor uses a thick base designed to protect the internal engine surfaces. In some applications we have seen a build up of the thick base inside the injectors, causing the injectors to stick or operate incorrectly. On these models we recommend Quickleen and 2-cycle engine oil as a replacement for Storage Seal Rust Inhibitor. Quickleen is used to clean the injectors. The engine oil lubricates, as well as prevents rust from forming. We continue to recommend Fuel System Treatment and Stabilizer to help prevent the formation of varnish and/or gum in the gasoline. Always follow the storage procedures outlined in your Operation, Maintenance & Warranty manual and Service manual.

What is the correct battery for my OptiMax?

1000 Marine Cranking Amps (MCA) or 750-800 Cold Cranking AMPS (CCA)