TDS Premium FAQs

What is the monthly charge for TDS Premium and what does it include?

The fee is approximately $45.00 per month and it covers the Iridium data fees. This is similar to other fees that coverdata and text information. Keep in mind that excessive use of the Ping Boat button could result in additional datacharges over and above these standard monthly charges. Ping Boat located in Follow Boat, will allow you to get themost current position. The system will display different text and color once Ping Boat is pressed. Be aware that thiscould take up to two minutes to receive information from the satellite communication.

You may also incur additional charges if you trailer your boat for long distances when the TDS is locked.

There may be insurance premium savings available on your boat insurance policy. Contact your agent to discuss thispossible savings when purchasing and installing the Mercury Theft Deterrent System Premium.

What is the security fence?

he security fence is a unique field with a 152.4 m (500 ft) radius that is automatically created around your boat whenthe boat has stopped moving and the engine is turned off. When the boat moves out of the security fence, an alert willbe sent (e‑mail or text within one to three minutes when broken) and the position will update every minute to notifyyou that the boat is moving and is outside this security fence.

The GeoFence is created by the user. It allows you to create boundaries based on latitude and longitude waypoints,and will allow you to view the instances your vessel enters and exits these boundaries. Containment and hazardfences are the two different types and are different colors to help distinguish one from the other. There may be timedelays to receive an alert that is sent when one message is sent inside the fence and the other is sent from outsidethe fence.

What different information and alerts are there?

Security connections, voltage, RPM, engine hours, and SmartCraft faults are displayed on your web page. The fobconnection in the docking station is monitored and is displayed on the web in the lock/unlock box. When the system islocked; the engines will have limited power. When the system is unlocked, the engine and system has normaloperation. Any time you see the Security Alert, the boat is outside the security fence. To reset this message, you willneed to turn the key to the off position, then turn the key to the on position.

Always use your SmartCraft gauges and displays to monitor engine issues when driving your boat.

How long is the agreement and what would happen if I wanted to cancel it?

You sign up for 12 months, similar to cell phone service. There is a disconnect charge if you want to cancel duringthis time period. The insurance company may also charge back premium discounts if you cancel the service.

Who do I call if I have issues or questions?

Contact Mercury Customer Service at 920‑929‑5040.

Why does the website look different on my computer than what's displayed in my manual?

The type of web browser you use can make an impact on how the site and pages are displayed. We recommend thefollowing web browsers for best display. Use Firefox, Internet Explorer (newer versions), Chrome, or Safari for bestresults.

Why do I see variation in the voltage and get alerts from time to time?

Long periods of time in storage with the battery connected could draw your battery power down. Changes to voltagecan also occur from temperature changes in and around the boat.

What happens when I push the assistance button on the 2 inch interface gauge?

This button sends an alert when held for six seconds. Pressing it again will clear the message and reset it. Themessage sent will be a help request and include GPS coordinates. The person listed in the notification index willreceive this message.

When you register your boat and fill in the notification contacts, verify that you get approval from whomever you aresending the alert to. It is important that you make every effort to accurately define any e‑mail or phone numbersentered on the notification index. Incorrect addresses and numbers will result in no alert messages being received.

How can I change the time zone to reflect the correct time? What about changing the password?

Go to the Information window and select Edit Data and update the information.

Why do I get alerts when my boat is in storage on land?

All antennas need a clear signal to accurately communicate position. When the boat is in dry dock, obstruction suchas a metal roof above the boat can cause a distorted, poor signal to the satellite or GPS. The only time you can beconfident you are getting accurate readings is when there is an unblocked view of the sky.

When will I get changes to information that is displayed on the web such as engine RPM or engine hours?

This information will be updated after 30 minutes of running. Old data is time stamped to show when it was lastrecorded. Keep in mind that the data will only be updated when you run for over one half hour. You must use theFollow Boat page to see more data update information.

How long will it take to activate my system after I have completed my registration?

The system will be connected within 24 hours after the completion of the registration. The system looks for the powerto be connected once the registration is complete. An automatic restart to check for power will occur if the battery wasconnected prior to registration.