This is an outline for our Mercury Major Assembly Protection Plan, and is intended for general information purposes only. Please contact us at 888-427-5373 or to obtain a copy of the Major Assembly Protection Plan Benefits and Provisions for a full description of the contract.

Mercury Major Assembly Protection FAQs

What is Mercury Major Assembly Protection?

The Mercury Major Assembly Protection (MAP) Plan is an extended service contract program for select new or remanufactured Mercury powerheads and longblocks purchased from Mercury Marine. To be eligible, the major assembly must come with a one year Parts and Accessories Limited Warranty and be installed by an Authorized Mercury Dealer. The parent engine must have an eligible serial number.

What is the difference between a new Major Assembly and a Remanufactured Major Assembly?

New:  Refers to Mercury powerhead or MerCruiser longblock which is new (not more than 10 hours of use) and previously unregistered that has been manufactured in the current calendar and four immediately preceding years.

Remanufactured:  All components have been inspected and repaired, machined, or replaced as necessary to meet the performance specifications of a new product and has been tested and verified to meet operating performance standards.  A remanufactured product may differ in cosmetic respects from a new product.

To learn more about major assemblies products offered by Mercury Marine please visit us at Mercury Remanufacturing or Mercury Precision Parts

What kind of warranty comes with the Major Assembly component?

Mercury Marine warrants each new or remanufactured Mercury powerhead or longblock a one (1) year Parts and Accessories warranty from the date of purchase.

What does MAP cover?

MAP is factory-backed and covers the major assembly if there is a failure caused by a defect in material or workmanship. Parts and labor are covered on approved claims.

I currently own a Mercury engine and recently had my longblock replaced. Can I purchase this plan?

No, the contract must be purchased at the time of retail sale by an Authorized Mercury dealer.

Where can I purchase a Major Assembly component with this plan?

Major Assembly components may be purchased at any Authorized Mercury Dealer.

When can I purchase the plan?

The contract must be purchased at the time of retail sale as recorded by Mercury from the information submitted by the selling dealer.

How many years can I purchase and when does coverage begin?

Your major assembly will come with a one (1) year P&A Warranty.  You may purchase 1 or 2 years of coverage which begins on the expiration date of the P&A Warranty.  This plan is not renewable.

Is this plan transferable?

This plan is not transferable.

Is there a deductible?

Yes, there is a $25.00 deductible per claim.

Who will work on my engine if I have a problem?

The contract is between you and Mercury Marine, so you can have your engine serviced at any of more than 4,300 Authorized Mercury dealers in the United States or Canada. At the Authorized Mercury service center, a qualified Mercury Service Technician will assess the failure and process the claim through Mercury Marine.