This is an outline for our Mercury Certified Pre-Owned Plan, and is intended for general information purposes only. Please contact us at 888-427-5373 or to obtain a copy of the Certified Pre-Owned Plan Benefits and Provisions for a full description of the contract.

Certified Pre-Owned FAQs

What is Mercury Certified Pre-Owned?

The Mercury Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Plan is the only factory-backed and administered plan for used engines. There are two types of engines that qualify for coverage - Dealer Certified and Factory Certified:

DEALER CPO: Refers to a used engine that has been traded into an Authorized Mercury Dealer, has no existing warranty, and has been certified by the dealership according to the contract. One or two year contracts are available on eligible Dealer CPO products.

FACTORY CPO: Refers to a used engine that has been inspected and certified at a Mercury Marine facility and receives a one year Parts & Accessories warranty upon resale. On Factory CPO products, one or two year contracts are available beyond the one year Parts & Accessories warranty for total coverage of up to three years.

What does CPO cover?

CPO covers a wide variety of mechanical and electrical parts and systems that fail as a result of a defect in material or workmanship. Parts and labor are covered on approved claims.

When can I purchase the plan?

On Dealer CPO products, the plan must be purchased at the time of retail sale as recorded by Mercury from the information submitted by the selling dealer. On Factory CPO products, the plan must be purchased within the one year Parts & Accessories warranty.

Is CPO renewable or transferable?

CPO is not renewable and is not transferable to subsequent owners, or from one product to another.

I currently own a Mercury engine. Can I have my engine Certified and purchase the plan?

No, only engines that have been traded into an authorized Mercury Dealer that have no current warranty are eligible.

Is there a deductible?

Yes, there is a $25.00 deductible per claim.

Who will work on my engine if I have a problem?

The contract is between you and Mercury Marine, so you can have your engine serviced at any of more than 4,300 Authorized Mercury dealers in the United States or Canada. At the Authorized Mercury service center, a qualified Mercury Service Technician will assess the failure and process the claim through Mercury Marine.

Are there added benefits to purchasing CPO?

Yes, the plan provides up to $200 toward hoist/haul out on all boats 26ft or longer and up to $200 for on the water tow-in fees for approved repairs on covered product.