California Emissions Limited Warranty

Corrected California MerCruiser Emissions Limited Warranty (1.3 MB) Corrected California Outboard Emissions Limited Warranty (102 Kb)

Dear Mercury Marine Customer:

Thank you for your purchase of a boat powered by a Mercury MerCruiser engine package. We appreciate your business and hope you are enjoying your boat.

SUBJECT: California emissions warranty information

Our records indicate that you are the owner of a Mercury MerCruiser product that was supplied with an Operation, Maintenance, and Warranty manual with incorrect warranty information. The California Air Resource Board has determined that the California emissions information contained in the Warranty section of your manual has one or more of the following statements that are incorrect and should be removed:

California Emissions Limited Warranty

Under How to Obtain Warranty Coverage: "Proof of registered ownership must be presented to the dealer at the time warranty service is requested in order to obtain coverage."

Under What is Not Covered: "use of an accessory or part not manufactured or sold by us"; "or water entering the engine through the fuel intake"; and "Use of the product for racing or other competitive activity, or operating with a racing type lower unit, at any point, even by a prior owner of the product, voids the warranty."

California Emission Control Warranty Statement

Under Manufacturer's Warranty Coverage: "from either the date the product is first sold, or put into service, whichever occurs first."

Under Owner's Warranty Responsibilities: "Warranty coverage is terminated for used product repossessed from a retail customer, purchased at auction, from a salvage yard, or from an insurance company that obtained the product as a result of an insurance claim."


Insert the corrected copy of the California emissions warranty information, provided with this letter, into your Operation, Maintenance, and Warranty manual.

If you have sold the engine or boat please contact our Registration department at 1 920 929 5054 or e-mail us at to provide information on the new owner. Please refer to Service Bulletin 2010-17 with your information.

If you have been denied coverage for (or did not pursue) a claim because of one of the incorrect statements listed above, contact Mercury Marine at or 1 405 743 6566 and refer to Service Bulletin 2010-17.


Dealers will be notified to refer to Mercury MerCruiser Service Bulletin 2010-17 for the corrected warranty statement.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you; however, we have taken this action to ensure that your boating experience will be enjoyable and trouble-free.


Mercury MerCruiser Service Department

November 24, 2010

 Product Protection