Remanufactured Outboard Powerheads

Mercury Remanufacturing refurbishes Mercury outboard engines and components to current specifications. This provides the most powerful and reliable engines at a fraction of the cost of new. We stand behind all of our remanufactured products with the same one-year limited factory-backed warranty as we do with all of our new parts and accessories. Mercury Product Protection is even available for our remanufactured engines for up to three years of coverage.

In the ultimate expression of “recycle,” candidate engines are returned to Mercury through authorized dealers. This effort sustains our market by offering dealers and owners a lower-cost replacement alternative to a new motor or component, and sustains the environment by reusing good engine components that might otherwise be abandoned or land-filled. Since the program was launched in 1996, there have been approximately 22,700 marine engines returned to service. Mercury is the only marine engine OEM with a remanufacturing program.

When it's Mercury vs. the aftermarket, the choice is clear. Learn more about how Mercury Parts run circles around the aftermarket alternatives.

2013 Mercury and Quicksilver Reman Guide

Product Protection