Mercury Certified Pre-Owned Outboards and Gearcases

Mercury offers the best value in the marine industry with our factory Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) outboard program. This program is available for all Mercury 2-Stroke, FourStroke, Verado, OptiMax, Race outboards, and gearcases. CPO outboards & gearcases are available from any authorized Mercury dealer.

CPO outboards must pass a multi-point inspection process, be brought back to original functional specifications, and be functionally hot-tested by our team of factory technicians.

Every CPO outboard comes with a one-year factory-backed limited warranty. CPO outboards that pass through our factory process also qualify for up to two years of extended coverage through Mercury Product Protection.

In addition to CPO outboards, Mercury Remanufacturing also offers CPO gearcases. Every outboard gearcase starts with a series of test procedures to assure the housing is free of distortion or damage. All internal components are closely evaluated to comply with Mercury’s stringent tolerance specifications. Outboard gearcases from Mercury Remanufacturing come with a one-year factory-backed limited warranty.

See your local authorized Mercury Dealer for more information.

CPO outboards will show some evidence of use: scratches, cosmetic corrosion, and any number of hours are possible. Corrosion on the flywheel, alternator, exhaust ports, water jackets, midsections, and lower units are also possible.

Product Protection