Quicksilver Crate Engines

Quicksilver crate engines are an exclusive offering for marine repower. They feature power and design upgrades making them the only logical choice when it comes to repowering virtually any brand of engine. Tooled and fully assembled by Quicksilver, these crate engines are built tougher than previous models and feature four-bolt mains and screw-in rocker studs. Plus, they are backed by a three-year limited factory warranty.

Quicksilver crate engines, with their significant power and torque enhancements, allow you to have more fun on the water, regardless of what you use your boat for. The all-new crate engines come with complete fuel, ignition, and intake systems and deliver 300 or 325 horsepower, depending on model. Their flexibility makes them ideal for repowering many brands of sterndrives and inboards including MerCruiser, Volvo, Crusader and Indmar. Simply transfer the exhaust system and other engine accessories and you have a more powerful, refreshed engine ready for the rigors of boating.

Quicksilver Crate Engines are based on carbureted MerCruiser marine engines, but feature a 750 CFM marine four-barrel carburetor, dual-plane aluminum intake manifold with brass pads and water crossovers, hypereutectic pistons, high-flow oil pump and unique marine roller camshafts. They are also equipped with a mechanical fuel pump to better tolerate alcohol fuels. Quicksilver crate engines are constructed with iron blocks, heads and crankshafts. They are equipped with a flame arrestor, water separating fuel filter, 10-pin engine wire harness, and Thunderbolt V with knock control. However, they do not include a flywheel, exhaust manifolds, risers, starter motor, alternator, pulleys, hoses or belts. These items can be transferred from the existing engine or replaced as necessary.

Quicksilver crate engines go through the same rigorous testing procedures as all Mercury-branded engines and meet U.S. Coast Guard Safety Standards, unlike automotive units.

350 GEN+ Crate / Partial Engine Information