MerCruiser Transom Assembly

The transom assembly is the least discussed component, but one of the most important. This holds true for every MerCrusier sterndrive application. Most people’s repower focus is on the engine and sterndrive. However, the transom delivers the cooling water, manages the exhaust, serves as the primary engine mount, controls the steering, manages the trim system, delivers MerCathode corrosion protection, and serves as the conduit for speed and trim control. It also serves the important function of sealing seawater outside the boat.

Alpha Gen I

Used for Alpha Gen I drives that pre-date 1992, new transom assembles are still available for these classic units to fix sloppy steering or water leaks.

Alpha Gen II

The modern Gen II transom is used for Alpha models since 1992, and features maintenance free hinge pins.


The Bravo transom accepts any standard Bravo One, Bravo Two, or Bravo Three drive.


The Magnum transom accepts any standard, X or XR drive. It features lower restriction exhaust and stronger castings to manage high power engines at high boats speeds.


All the features of a Magnum transom, but supports digital trim required for DTS models and big block applications (496 MAG & 8.2 MAG models).

SeaCore & SeaCore SmartCraft

SeaCore transoms are protected to the core by featuring industrial hard anodized XK360 low copper alloy to provide the ultimate in corrosion protection. All critical fasteners are also high-strength stainless steel including the heavy-duty steering shaft.


Stronger fasteners, heavy-duty pins, and an optional external trim sender make sure you are in full control when going 100+ mph with powerful Racing engines.

ITS (Integrated Transom Assembly)

When going over 65 mph, Mercury recommends external steering. Mercury makes it easy with the exclusive ITS system, which lowers your overall system cost and provides less hassle when repowering with an integrated solution for performance boating. The system provides the safety and stability of external steering without requiring hull modifficaitons beyond a standard transom cut-out.