When to Repower?

You may begin to think about repower when your marine engine begins to show subtle signs of aging, like a longer cranking time at start-up or performance that’s not quite what it was when the boat was new. Sometimes, a more serious problem has developed: a plugged water intake caused the engine to overheat, striking a submerged object caused serious damage, or an unexpected freeze resulted in a cracked block.

Obviously, if the current engine fails during the season you want to get back on the water as quickly as possible. Your options may be limited because during peak season the service bays are busy. You’ll want to limit your choices to what is available and what can be serviced rapidly without loosing valuable boating time.

Ideally, you should consider the decision to repower during the off season before a catastrophic incident. Doing your homework in advance provides you the opportunity to find the right product at the best price, and not lose valuable time on the water.