Things to Consider

You’ve made the decision to look into repower options for your boat – but where do you start? First consider your options: Rebuilding, Crate or Partial Engine, Remanufactured, and New.

  • Rebuild your existing engine, drive, or gearcase: Although a rebuild is actually a major repair, and not actually a “repower” in the truest sense, many people consider this when an incident requires more than just simple maintenance. It may be the lowest-cost option to get back on the water. However, by the time the bill adds up to include prices of individual parts, shop labor, and outside machine shop fees you may be better off to repower. A true repower also saves time; offers provides world-wide factory-backed limited warranty coverage and technical service support; and qualifies for extended coverage programs to give you peace of mind for years to come that rebuilds do not offer. If you are considering a rebuild option, it is vital to require that your mechanic use marine-grade components, such as the genuine factory parts available from Mercury.
  • Crate or Partial Engine: This is a generic term often used to describe an engine purchased from an automotive aftermarket shop. A crate engine is a nearly complete engine, usually partially dressed with a carburetor or fuel injection system but few other accessories. These have been popularized for engine swaps with classic cars—so why not your boat? For the safety of you and your passengers, check to make sure you are getting a marine engine that is up to date with US Coast Guard Safety standards. Mercury offers a variety of partially dressed new and remanufactured engines for inboard or sterndrive boats. These products offer great flexibility for upgrading the horsepower for a variety of sterndrive and inboard engine makes – not just MerCruiser. Quicksilver Remanufacturing also offers remanufactured outboard powerheads and longblocks for inboard and sterndrive boats.
  • Remanufactured Products: Remanufactured products are substantially different from rebuilt engines. Remanufacturing refers to a factory process by which an engine is completely stripped to its most basic components and brought back to OEM specifications. Remanufacturing renews every finely machined surface and replaces other components that contribute to the life span of an engine, powerhead, gearcase, or sterndrive. However, because expensive casting and basic machining steps are already completed, the remanufactured product costs significantly less than new. Quicksilver Remanufacturing offers a complete portfolio of:
    • Mercury Outboard powerheads
    • Longblocks for all makes of sterndrives and inboards
    • Outboard gearcases
    • Sterndrive gearcases
    • Transmissions

    In addition, Mercury Remanufacturing offers a line of Plus Series Engines to repower sterndrive boats with value performance.

    All these products from Quicksilver and Mercury Remanufacturing come standard with a one-year, factory-backed, Mercury Parts and Accessories limited warranty. They also qualify for up to two years of extended coverage through Mercury Product Protection.

  • New Products: The same Mercury outboards and MerCruiser sterndrives and inboards available on new boats are also available to repower your boat. These new products make available the latest technology to bring excitement to your boating experience. Extended product coverage is also available for up six years for most models. Some of the most exciting new products are:
    • Verado: Refined supercharged performance with digital throttle and shift delivers 2-Stroke power and acceleration with a clean 4-Stroke outboard makes going offshore nearly effortless.
    • OptiMax: Direct in-cylinder injection brings low-emissions and low fuel consumption to powerful and lightweight 2-Stroke outboards gets you to the best fishing before anyone else.
    • Portable Outboards: The new 4-Stroke portable outboards are extremely lightweight, smooth, and fuel-efficient for use with inflatable and Jon boats.
    • MerCruiser: No matter what type of boating interests you most, MerCruiser can power it better than anyone else. Our extensive range of gas and diesel engines is the most comprehensive lineup in the industry, and our superior engines and drives are engineered to provide the best possible boating experience. So whether you’re interested in TowSports or fishing, cruising inland lakes or big water offshore, the answer to your propulsion needs is MerCruiser.