"I've been running Mercury motors for almost twenty years. And during this time I've tried a lot of different props and setups to get my Champion to run as fast as I can. I have spent thousands of dollars on custom props, in high hopes to get that extra speed and performance, only to be let down! The one thing that has never let me down is a factory built Tempest prop. Time after time the Tempest proves to be the best prop to run on my Champion and just about every other boat that I have driven. Quite simply put, if you want your boat to perform its best, just bolt on a Tempest."
--Skeet Reese, Mercury ProStaff, BASS Elite Angler

"Very few times are anglers able to find a prop that offers superior top end speed and holeshot. My 25" Trophy gives me the best of both worlds on my BassCat."
--Marty Stone, Mercury ProStaff, BASS Elite Angler

"Enertia props hold my boat up much better at slower speeds where the 21 Mirage will fall off. Holeshots are way more aggressive. The props aren't as affected by weight so I can run a larger load and still get good fuel economy. And my top-end speed increased by 2 MPH!!"
--Capt. Steven Lamp of Dream Catcher Charters, Key West, Florida.

"As a professional angler, I’m constantly looking for ways to gain an edge out on the water. That’s why on my 36’ Dakota I rely on twin Mercury OptiMax® engines matched with Mercury Mirage® Plus propellers to consistently deliver the performance and reliability I need to tackle even the harshest offshore conditions."
--Casey Hunt, Professional Saltwater Angler

"If there is a new prop out there, we test it. We’d be fools not to. But we always come back to Mercury Racing Lab Finished™ Propellers."
--Bob Leach, Eliminator Boats®

"Dear Mercury,
I’m a mechanical engineer, and most new designs won’t really impress me, but the hub design is fantastic. Please commend your engineering department on a job well done."
--Mike Brewington, Mercury Outboard Owner