A propeller hub, although small and hidden from view, is one of the most important parts to the prop on your boat. Mercury Marine's Flo-Torq propeller hubs are designed to:

  • Sacrifice themselves in the event of an underwater impact - protecting and saving your lower unit
  • Flex during shift changes - reducing "shift shock" vibration and noise
  • Make Mercury propellers compatible with just about any engine on the market
  • Be field-serviceable - if the prop does happen to hit an underwater object, and the Flo-Torq hub sacrifices itself, boaters can easily change the hub and get back on the water without needing to take the boat in for service
  • Provide unmatched corrosion protection

It's our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement that allows us to proudly introduce the newest and most innovative Flo-Torq system yet – the all new Flo-Torq Reflex. The Flo-Torq Reflex is specifically designed for boaters who own 40-60 hp outboards.

The Reflex’s innovative design relies on the flexible nylon fingers, constructed of Noryl GTX – these fingers work together with the advanced composite Delrin hub to flex up to eight degrees. This flexing action of the fingers allows the Reflex hub to quiet annoying rattle and vibration that can be present while idling at low rpm.

In addition to the Reflex fingers - the Delrin portion of the hub is also groundbreaking. The design requires no metal adapter, and the propshaft drives the sleeve directly without the need of an aft adapter – meaning simpler assembly and fewer parts.

In the past, engineers used exotic materials like titanium springs to get this kind of performance but the price tag put this technology out of reach for most boaters. With the Reflex, Mercury has made this benefit affordable - so that all owners of 40-60 outboards can enjoy quiet out on the water.

The complete Reflex design also provides superior strength. The Reflex hub is 75% stronger than standard rubber hubs. Like all Flo-Torq hubs, the Reflex is specifically designed to sacrifice itself in the event of an underwater impact. That helps protect your key drive components, while still allowing you the ability to get home safely.

In the old days – if you needed to re-hub a rubber prop – it meant costly and time-consuming repairs at a propeller shop. But with the Reflex, a boater can replace the hub themselves back at the dock in just minutes, getting back on the water in no time.

Mercury’s dedication to the marine industry means we’re more than just manufacturers of outboard and sterndrive engines. We are also focused on bringing innovative, industry-changing products to the marketplace. And the Flo-Torq Reflex hub kit is just the latest in our continuous offering.