Mercury Propellers Advantage

The World Leader in Marine Propellers

At Mercury Marine's propeller foundry in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, magic happens 24 hours a day. Through unmatched engineering, design, and innovation, molten metal is transformed into the highest-quality, best-performing, and best-selling marine propellers in the world.

Our experience and expertise – along with proprietary technologies such as Flo Torq, the X7 Alloy, and PVS (Performance Vent System) – give Mercury props a true competitive advantage. To learn more about how the right Mercury prop can elevate your boating experience, keep reading.

Many aftermarket propeller manufacturers claim their propellers can match or exceed original factory propellers - but where is their test data?

Mercury gathered aluminum and stainless steel propellers from all brands for a test by our professional boat drivers. The results do all the talking. When it comes to the best overall boat performance, there is no substitute for a Mercury Propeller.

Aluminum Performance

Acceleration Top Speed Chart - Aluminum

Stainless Steel Performance

Acceleration Top Speed Chart - Stainless Steel