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Sport Series

Mercury’s best value propellers for customers who are ready to step up to the durability and performance of stainless steel.

The Power of Performance

Flo Torq II, X7 Alloy, PVS, and how they give Mercury props such a strong competitive edge.

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Learn the basics of how marine propellers turn rotational energy into forward motion.

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Elite Series

Mercury’s most trusted and best-selling propeller designs.


When it comes to propeller technology, only Mercury knows what it takes to make the best prop and prop systems.

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How Propellers Work

Learn about the push/pull and thrust/momentum concepts.

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Comp Series

Mercury’s most cutting-edge geometries for the most demanding boater.


Mercury Marine warrants all new or factory rebuilt Mercury Precision Parts.

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Basic Propeller Parts

The first steps to understanding propellers and how they work.

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Aluminum Series

No other prop on the market today provides as much performance, durability, and value.


Hear what industry experts have to say about Mercury propellers.

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How to Choose the Right Prop

Learn how to choose the best propeller for your boat-type and performance needs.

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