The Mercury Precision Parts Advantage

How Mercury Precision Parts are better than aftermarket parts

For more than 70 years, Mercury has been building the highest quality marine engines and components known to man. So why would you turn to anyone else for parts and accessories when it comes time to maintain or repair your Mercury engines?

Every time. For all these reasons and more …

  • Mercury has developed some of the toughest engineering and manufacturing standards in the world, making Mercury Precision Parts more reliable and durable.
  • Mercury Precision Parts are subjected to rigorous testing:
    • Endurance testing, gearcase log strikes, saltwater spray booths, high humidity chambers and hot/cold water temperatures. Thousands of hours of testing run time ensure the highest quality service parts.
    • Aftermarket manufacturers are not required to test products, they are simply reverse-engineered to fit.
  • Mercury product is engineered and manufactured specifically for Mercury/MerCruiser engines.
  • Superior materials ensure the reliability and dependability customers have come to expect from Mercury Precision Parts.

The result of all this? Mercury Precision Parts boast a level of quality and reliability that competitor’s aftermarket parts can't touch!

See examples of what sets Mercury products apart:

Aftermarket Competitor’s Shaft & Yoke:

  1. Inside diameter of hole is too large and will cause noisy U-joint and premature failure.
  2. Center-line of holes is not true and will cause excessive vibration.
  3. Spline diameter is too small so gear will fit loose and cause premature gear wear.
  4. Threads are not pitched correctly – threads could strip and nut will not remain torqued.

Twisted splines on competitor’s aftermarket driveshaft

Fuel Primer Bulbs

Mercury Precision Parts Fuel Primer Bulb:

  • Special material prevents hardening and protect against UV damage.
  • New check valve ball and spring ensures superior flow rate.
Competitor’s Aftermarket Fuel Primer Bulb

  • Fuel primer material will harden and cause fuel flow issues.
  • Inferior check valve will stick closed and cause fuel starvation issues.

Fuel Lines & Fittings

  • Mercury’s Engineering Department tests and approves all fuel lines and hoses to meet stringent requirements to resist UV hardening, alcohol absorption, fuel flow restriction and leakage.
  • Fittings include Viton seals for improved performance against leaks from poor quality or contaminated fuel and alcohol.


  • Utilizing forged gear blanks and higher quality steel rather than less expensive bar stock ensures added strength, reliability and durability.
  • Gears are shot peened to increase gear tooth strength.
  • Mercury precisely duplicates gear geometry to ensure long gear life.

Competitor’s aftermarket gears after only 50 hours of testing.

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