Mercury-powered fishing teams dominate Saltwater Shootout

May 13, 2014

Mercury-powered fishing boats took the top seven places during Saturday’s Saltwater Shootout in Pompano Beach, Fla.

Makin Time/Living Water won the championship and earned more than $26,700. The team’s 252.7-pound total set a new record for the heaviest aggregate weight in the 16-year history of the Pompano Beach Saltwater Circuit, a three-legged trail consisting of the Saltwater Shootout, Saltwater Slam in June and Saltwater Showdown in August.

Each of the top 15 finishers, which included 11 Mercury-powered teams, weighed in more than 200 pounds of fish compared to last year’s Saltwater Shootout where only the champion topped the 200-pound mark.

Makin Time/Living Water was followed by Reel Tension (248.5 pounds), Covered Up (241.1) O-Sea-D (236.3) and Doing It All/Hardway (226.2), all Mercury teams.

A total of 120 fishing teams competed for more than $275,000 in cash and prizes during the Saltwater Shootout. The next leg of the 2014 PBSC – the Saltwater Slam – is scheduled June 5.

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