Mercury, Navico partner to deliver “glass dash” information system

Feb 13, 2014

Mercury Marine has partnered with Simrad to deliver the broadest range of seamless, integrated “glass dash” information systems for saltwater and freshwater boats ranging from small fishing vessels to large offshore cruisers.

These new integrated systems combine the superior engine-information features of Mercury’s VesselView 4 and VesselView 7 with Simrad’s touchscreen integrated navigation systems, autopilots, VHF radios, performance instrumentation and safety electronics.

Combining the Mercury VesselView systems with Simrad’s display products allows the boat operator to control sonar, radar, etc., and to utilize Mercury’s advanced engine display to include controlling aspects such as Smart Tow, cruise control, Eco Control, and more.

No competing system provides the breadth of features, engine displays and overall glass-dash advantages that are provided by the Mercury / Simrad integrated system.

“The combination of Mercury's engine interface and controls with Simrad’s displays and product line provide the end-user a glass-dash system that is unmatched,” said Louis Miller, director of controls and rigging at Mercury Marine. “This integrated system is a great example of the ability of advanced products to enhance every boating experience.”

“The integration of Mercury engine data into our multifunction displays ensures boaters have access to the information they need, when and where they need it, to increase their confidence on the water,” said Louis Chemi, EVP & COO, Navico Americas. “With critical navigation and engine data available on both Simrad and VesselView systems boaters get the maximum functionality from every display.”

The system will be available soon for compatible Simrad displays, and is appropriate for all boat brands.

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