4th of July Boating Safety Message from Mercury Marine

Jun 27, 2012

The Fourth of July is almost upon us, and for many that means taking to the water. Mercury Marine wants your holiday boating to be fun and safe. Here are four safety tips to help make sure your day on the water remains enjoyable:

  • Before and during operation, make sure everyone on your boat is in the proper passenger position. Sit down and hold on. You don’t want your passengers to be in a position that could result in them falling overboard. Also, don't sit or stand at the front of a moving pontoon boat.
  • Always wear your lifejacket. It can save your life. The majority of boating fatalities involve people who drown without a lifejacket on.
  • Watch out for the propeller. Shut off the engine whenever anyone is in the water near your boat. Placing the engine in neutral is not enough.
  • Use your lanyard cut-off switch. Things can happen quickly on the water. Make sure your engine will shut off if you are not in the operator’s position.

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