Mercury Quicksilver unveils line of powersports oils

May 15, 2012

Mercury Quicksilver unveiled a new line of powersports oils designed especially for motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and personal watercraft. The motorcycle oil is available in two viscosities—SAE 10W40 for motorcycles and scooters (including sport, dual sport and off-road bikes) and SAE 20W50 for V-Twin and large displacement engines. The ATV/UTV oil is available in a 5W40. The snowmobile and personal watercraft oils are for two-stroke engines. The entire product line is full synthetic, meets all industry and OEM standards and won’t void manufacturer warranties.

The Quicksilver brand is owned by Mercury Marine – a world leader in the design and manufacture of marine engines. The lineup includes 2.5 horsepower outboards through 1350 horsepower sterndrives.

“Mercury’s Quicksilver brand is one of the most trusted names in the marine oil market,” said Brian Kluge, Mercury Marine oils and lubricants director. “We are an engine manufacturer and we have access to the best engineers in the business. We know engines and we know the oils and lubricants an engine needs.”

Follow OEM recommended maintenance and service schedules. However, when OEM oils are not available, Quicksilver Powersports Lubricants are a great alternative.

Quicksilver Powersports Lubricants also provide better protection when compared to standard automotive oils. Powersports engines are run in extreme conditions that require a higher level of protection that automotive oils do not provide. When compared to automobile engines, powersports engines generally have a higher horsepower per displacement, run at higher rpms, operate in extreme ambient temperatures and run in adverse conditions including snow, dust, dirt, mud and fresh and salt water. For example, unlike automotive oils Quicksilver ATV oil contains corrosion inhibitors, provides easy starting at all temperatures, and helps prevent clutch slippage and glazing.

The oils are available through participating Mercury dealerships, major retailers, and through distributors such as Land ‘N’ Sea, Kellogg Marine Supply and Diversified Marine Products.

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