Angling team captures $81,715 jackpot at Mercury-sponsored tournament

Aug 30, 2010

Mercury Marine teamed up with SeaVee boats once again this year to sponsor the three-legged Pompano Beach Saltwater Circuit in South Florida.

“These events mean a lot more to (our) anglers because of the hard work we put in and the great support we receive from (our) sponsors,” said Jamie Bunn, President of Bluewater Movements, the marketer of the circuit. “We can’t do this without (our sponsors).”

The Mercury/SeaVee Pompano Beach Saltwater Circuit drew 357 teams and nearly 1,800 anglers in 2010 – making it the largest saltwater trail in southern Florida. The circuit includes the Saltwater Shootout, Saltwater Slam and Saltwater Showdown with a combined prize structure in excess of $400,000.

Stan Hunt’s Rebound angling team capped off a successful season by finally capturing the elusive KDW jackpot at the Saltwater Showdown earlier this month.

Established in 2008, the jackpot requires a fishing team to catch a 10 pound kingfish, dolphin and Wahoo trio in the same Pompano Beach Saltwater Circuit tournament. The jackpot had gone unclaimed for three years and eight tournaments. Entering the final leg of the series – the August Showdown – it appeared the jackpot would roll over, yet, another year. That’s when Hunt’s team pulled off the improbable feat – which included reeling in a 74.2 pound Wahoo. The trio of fish earned the Rebound team an $81,715 jackpot. Ironically, two other teams caught all three fish at the tournament, but were beaten out on the weight tiebreaker.

Besides winning the jackpot, Hunt’s team also won the tournament, netting them a total of $99,025 – the largest payout in meat fish history.

“I’ve been waiting for this my whole life,” Hunt said. “We’ve won a lot of tournaments over the years, but this one means a lot more.”

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