Government & Commercial Products

Government Sales

Mercury Government

Government sales is a program designed by Mercury Marine to allow government agencies to purchase Mercury Marine products directly from Mercury Marine or through Mercury dealers. Agencies that purchase through this program will be able to take advantage of special discounted pricing and delivery options.



For more than 100 years, Attwood has been the unquestioned award-winning leader in design, development, testing, and manufacturing of the highest quality boat parts and accessories for the marine industry. Attwood was founded in 1893 by Charles F. Attwood as Attwood Brass Works, making parts for carriages and hearses. Attwood is now acknowledged as the leader in innovative deck hardware and sets the industry standard for quality and reliability. In addition to hardware, Attwood has become a broadly diversified supplier of navigational lighting, pumps and blowers, fuel accessories, marine accessories, electrical products, gas springs, trailer components, boat seating, boat covers, boat bimini tops and MotorGuide trolling motors.

Mercury Castings

Mercury Castings

Mercury Castings is a division of Mercury Marine, which is owned by Brunswick Corporation (BC). Mercury Marine has been making castings for over 60 years, with experience in aluminum, iron, and stainless steel. Mercury Castings has an engineering staff devoted to helping customers turn ideas into reality. Mercury Marine holds over 25 aluminum product/process related patents and our alloy development expertise has been recognized by the Aluminum Association's designation of 391 for Mercosil as well as 367 and 368 for our ultra-tough Mercalloy die casting alloys.

Land N Sea

Land N Sea

Land ’N’ Sea Distributing, Inc. is a full service, wholesale only distributor, serving the Marine Industry for over 30 years. With over 60,000 different parts and accessories available from thirteen warehouses, Land ’N’ Sea prides itself in fast efficient delivery throughout the US and Canada. In a cooperative effort with Mercury Marine's Latin America and Caribbean division, Land 'N' Sea serves over 60 additional countries worldwide. For many years, Land ’N’ Sea has been recognized as the industry leader with the most innovative marketing and dealer support programs. The hundreds of men and women on the Land ’N’ Sea team that provide these world class dealer services invite you to request additional information and apply for an account on-line, or through our customer service department.

Mercury Electronics & Plastics Manufacturing

Mercury EPM

Mercury Electronics & Plastics Manufacturing specializes in electronics, coil winding, plastic injection molding and integrated assembly. Our manufacturing operations, located in St. Cloud, Florida, include plastic injection molding, electronics, coil winding, marinization/weather proofing, assembly, testing and kitting. To complement our own capabilities, we've developed global partnerships enabling us to offer custom products requiring an extensive range of manufacturing processes at competitive prices.

Mercury Product Lifecycle Management

Mercury PLM

Mercury PLM Services offers a unique perspective for helping organizations that are considering a Product Lifecycle Management implementation because we view PLM from a manufacturing business user’s vantage point. Our process-centric approach, industry-tested solutions, and established thought leadership provides clients with sound guidance and vision setting before investing in a deployment. We concentrate on the business issues facing an organization and how PLM can help resolve them. Our team understands how processes form the foundation for any solution and have established methodologies for visioning, planning, management on-boarding, defining business processes, and implementing solutions. We invite you to visit our website for more information on our capabilities and offerings.

Mercury Harnesses Solutions

Mercury Harnesses

For more than a quarter century, Mercury Harnesses has been designing and producing world-class custom wire harnesses and custom instrument panels for marine and non-marine manufacturers. Using the most advanced materials and processes - Mercury provides high quality wire harness solutions for products around the world. With several panel finishes available and unlimited style and dash configuration options - Mercury provides custom instrument panel solutions to fit every need. All panels and harnesses are fully tested for functionality and quality - ensuring they are ready for installation upon arrival.