Hydraulic Steering

Hydraulic steering is used on outboard-powered boats with a horsepower of 75 or above. Hydraulic steering improves the performance by using hydraulic pressure to reduce the amount of torque or effort that it takes to steer the boat. Mercury offers a variety of of hydraulic steering systems:

For smaller, single-engine boats (150hp and below), you can use a basic system that uses a special cylinder and helm designed for this horsepower category. This basic system is typically used in fishing boats, pontoons, and smaller saltwater applications.

For engines in the 150 to 300 hp range, there is what we call our heavy-duty system. It is more robust and is designed to withstand conditions that demand a stronger and better-performing product. This catagory can be used on single- or multiple-engine installations, and typically has a standard cylinder as well as a port cylinder version for dual-engine installations. With the heavy duty system, there are additional fittings and tie bars that are needed. See your local dealer for specific details.

The last category is the “go-fast” system that requires a higher-pressure relief system (1500 psi). This typically is used in boats averaging 60 mph or more, but can be used in any high-torque application. The helms are specially designed to be more robust in this environment. The hoses are also more robust to withstand the additional pressures that the system will see in operation.

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