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Mercury Marine’s Moving Propeller (MP) Alert is a highly visible safety alert system that notifies swimmers when an engine is running and the propeller is in motion, delivering peace of mind to swimmers and boaters alike.

On most boats with swim platforms, the drive unit is not visible from the water. Coupled with engines that are now quieter than ever before, swimmers often can’t see or hear a running engine. The MP Alert’s moving light will alert swimmers that the propeller is moving, warning them to take extra care when getting in and out of the water.

The MP Alert is an excellent addition to:
  • Sterndrive and inboard boats with or without swim platforms
  • Zeus and Axius powered boats
  • Towsports boats
  • Pontoon and Deckboats

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The MP Alert System

MP Alert System 1

This system uses LED lights on the stern of the boat to alert swimmers that the propeller is moving. You can now buy either the original 4-inch round-light package or the new oval-shaped light (2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches) package, which is ideal for swim platforms or smaller mounting surfaces. Either light will work for your boat as the system is designed to handle all combinations of the two lights.

The MP Alert system is the ideal proactive safety choice to notify swimmers that a propeller is in motion.

How it works

MP Alert System 2

The MP Alert light is activated by a message from the engine computer that signals when the engine has been started or is in gear. When started, the light will flash and remain lit while the engine is running in neutral. When the engine is shifted into gear (forward or reverse), the light will flash in a rotation - similar to how a propeller rotates.

Additionally the MP Alert comes with a sensor that will dim at night, reducing the chances of the lights being mistaken for navigation lights. After the engine reaches a predetermined rpm, the light will turn off to eliminate any distractions a spinning light may cause while cruising.

The MP Alert system runs on a CAN-based module, reading the engine rpm and gear position from the SmartCraft CAN bus - which supports up to four engines. The MP Alert has an optional dash-mounted switch, so it can also be manually turned off by the boater. The control module will monitor the status of the MP Alert and will light a status LED to remind the boater if the system has been turned off.

MP Alert System 3
MP Alert light is off Engine is not running
MP Alert light flashes Engine has been started
MP Alert light is constant Engine is running in neutral
MP Alert light flashes in rotation Engine is in gear, propeller is spinning
MP Alert light turns off Engine has reached rpm threshold

MP Alert is compatible with most boat and non-Mercury engine packages. An optional dash-mounted switch is available (included in the non-Mercury engine kits) that allows you to control when the system is operating. When the switch is turned off, the red LED light will be lit reminding you that the system is deactivated. The switch allows you to turn it on when swimmers are in the water and off when you are fishing or cruising.

Aesthetically pleasing and low-profile

Each MP Alert light consists of six amber-colored LEDs designed for enhanced visibility and long-lasting durability over traditional bulbs. Lights are sealed to prevent water intrusion and the bezels are made of stainless steel to withstand corrosion. Each 4-inch lens is designed with special optics to provide brightness and visibility within an arc of approximately 180 degrees. Lastly the MP Alert lens is built with a durable plastic that resists fading and coloring from the sun.

Options & Compatibility

As MP Alert uses the SmartCraft network, it can be installed on any boat rigged with SmartCraft-compatible engines.

Base kit:
  • One light (six LEDs, amber-colored, clear plastic lens and polished stainless steel bezel)
  • One interface module
  • One harness, designed for up to four lights
  • Hardware mounting kit
  • Instructions and mounting templates
  • One light (up to four can be used)
  • Helm switch (on-off with indicating LED)

The MP Alert uses the SmartCraft network so it can be installed on any boat rigged with SmartCraft compatible engines:

Outboard Models
  • Verado 135, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250, 275, 300, 350
  • FourStroke 40 - 60, 75 - 150
  • OptiMax 75, 115, 135, 200, 225, 250
  • OptiMax ProXS 115, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250
MerCruiser Models
  • Sterndrives: 4.3 MPI, 5.0 MPI, 350 MAG MPI, 377 MAG, 496 MAG, 496 MAG H.O., 8.2 MAG, 8.2 MAG H.O.
  • Inboards: 3.0L MPI, Horizon 8.2, 8.2 H.O., 6.2 MPI
  • Jet Drive: OptiMax 200

Mercury Theft Deterrent System (TDS)

Anti Theft System

The new Mercury Theft Deterrent System (TDS) improves boat and engine security and provides owner ease of mind by allowing you to immobilize the engine if someone starts the engine without inserting the fob.

Automotive-Inspired Interface

Red and Green light indicators

This LED light scheme on the docking station indicates when the system is running under limited versus normal operating conditions. It also includes a red blinking light – similar to many automobile systems – that indicates the system is installed on the boat even when the key switch is in the off position.

In the event that the fob is missing or an incorrect fob is inserted, Mercury TDS allows you to start the engine but limits RPM and performance while still allowing slow speed operation. Until the system is fully engaged with the fob fully inserted in the docking station, the engine will only operate at this reduced power range and performance will be restricted. Once TDS is deactivated with the correct fob, the engine will perform at normal operating ranges.

The TDS system's attractive automotive-type two-piece fob carries a transponder that interfaces with the docking station. The antenna in the docking station and the fob transmit radio signals, which send messages to the system computer. These messages create a direct communication link to the engine computer via Mercury’s proprietary controlled area network (CAN) messaging system.

Connected Vessel

TDS Premium with Connected Vessel

Report your boat’s Location with Mercury TDS Premium System On-Board
Mercury TDS Premium provides remote monitoring of your boat's on-board Theft Deterrent System. This system is designed to deter theft (24/7/365) by limiting engine RPM (in some circumstances) and reporting boat position via GPS tracking. Use of this system may allow you to obtain lower boat insurance premiums. With a system known as “geofencing” your system automatically sets a GPS boundary limit around your boat and if it moves beyond the boundary limit (geofence) you will be notified.

Protect Your Boat - Feel Secure with the Mercury TDS Premium System on Duty
Protect your boat while you are away or on board, by monitoring vital systems like battery strength, engine functions and engine diagnostic codes using Mercury's SmartCraft messaging. What's more, information can automatically be relayed to your personal contact list by e-mail and/or SMS, saving you time and money on preventable mishaps.

Log into the TDS Premium website

Available Early 2012

Key Fob

TDS will come with two fobs, a separate module and the dash-mounted docking station. The kit will also include additional components needed for electronics and installation. TDS will be available for Mercury outboards and MerCruiser sterndrives equipped with SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift in early 2012.*

* TDS cannot be retrofitted to all models. Please see your local Mercury Marine dealer for availability.

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