Total Integration

Integration that Delivers the Best Experience

Integration of digital information and control is not new in autos or airplanes, but until now boaters have had to do without. SmartCraft technology achieves this next evolutionary step and, with advanced concepts that make boating easier and more intuitive, delivers a superior, more enjoyable experience at all levels.

SmartCraft vessel integration systems make it possible to:

  • Link, control, and activate a wide range of boat systems, including propulsion, controls, helm electronics, and advanced diagnostics, as well as a host of internal and external sensors
  • Monitor a vessel, its engine, and environmental conditions
  • Integrate data from multiple sources on the vessel
  • Deliver precise, accurate information on a growing number of boat systems that attach to the SmartCraft network
  • Display vessel information in multiple locations at the helm and around the boat

What can this mean out on the water? As an example, by integrating the fish finder and the chart plotter, boaters can digitally set engine trolling speeds based on the type of fish that are being displayed on the fish finder. And this is just a hint of the possibilities that SmartCraft integration allows. The potential is virtually limitless.

Regardless of how many systems are integrated on a given craft, SmartCraft technology makes boat operation more safe, reliable, and effortless, elevating the comfort and capabilities of novice and expert boaters like never before.

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