Ease of Use

It Doesn’t Get any Easier than This

Like many pursuits, boating becomes more enjoyable as you get better at it. Part of the genius of SmartCraft technology is that it enables applications that shrink the learning curve, allowing novices to operate like professionals and experienced boaters to do virtually anything they wish on the water. Applications include:

Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS): technology that makes starting, accelerating, and stopping smoother, effortless, and automatic. Learn More

SmartTow™: a DTS application gauge with a series of preset launch profiles that put professional-style driving for tubing, wakeboarding, and slalom skiing activities into the hand of any operator. Learn More

Shadow Technology: a DTS application that allows operation of a triple- or quad- engine-configured boat with just two levers. The center engine(s) will "shadow" the outside engines when they're in the same gear, or default to neutral when they're in opposite gears — as in docking — dramatically improving maneuverability. Learn More

Zeus and Axius: a propulsion system that combines pod drives steering and joystick control for unparalleled maneuverability. Ever wish you could go sideways, on an angle or rotate the boat for docking? Well, now you can. Learn More

SmartCraft technology also allows you to access at the helm, or anywhere else you have a display, the full range of information gathered by sensors throughout the vessel. View data from the engine, electrical, and navigational systems to monitor such variables as engine rpm, distance travelled, remaining fuel, distance to waypoint, and exact location. Having the right information leads to great peace of mind.

With SmartCraft technology, the boat is more sophisticated, and yet monitoring and controlling it is easier than ever. Take the guesswork out of boating and enjoy more of your time on the water.