Joystick technology is the latest enhancement in vessel control, providing effortless maneuverability. Gone are the days of fighting crosswinds and current without success. The Mercury® family of joystick systems - Joystick Piloting for Outboards, Axius® Joystick Piloting (stern drives) and Zeus® (pod drives) - utilizes a joystick to make your all-around boating experience more enjoyable. Mercury Joystick Piloting systems take the stress out of docking, maneuvering in tight spaces and operating in less-than-ideal environments by providing boaters 360-degree movement at their fingertips. The intuitive design of the joystick lets anyone - from experienced captains to novice boaters - maneuver large boats with ease and confidence.

The system allows an operator to effortlessly move a multi-engine boat in any direction - including sideways, diagonally or spinning on its own axis - with a simple push or twist of a joystick. The operator controls the throttle, shifting and steering with one hand, with the joystick working in conjunction with the independently steered engines to move the boat in the desired direction.

System Features - available on all Joystick Piloting systems

  • Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) - Amazingly smooth and responsive, DTS replaces the lag and hesitation of traditional throttle and shift cables with digital precision, resulting in smooth shifting and instant throttle response. DTS includes many advanced features to improve your boating experience. Auto Sync synchronizes multiple engine rpms automatically and Single Lever Mode allows you to control multiple engines with just one control lever.
  • VesselView® - Captains will appreciate the redesigned VesselView information display, which provides information regarding all boat systems in a single location. VesselView provides up-to-date information for more than 30 engine parameters, including fuel level and range, oil temperature and pressure, water depth and more. It also provides advanced features such as Smart Tow®, ECO-Screen, Troll Control, Cruise Control, and much more. To learn more about the new VesselView features click here.
  • Skyhook® (digital anchor) - With the push of a button, Skyhook pinpoints the boat's position using a GPS satellite antenna and the engines and drives move independently to maintain the position and heading. It's ideal for holding a boat over a fishing spot, waiting for a drawbridge to open or maintaining position while waiting to refuel at a marina.
  • Integrated Autopilot - Auto Heading and Waypoint Sequencing make navigating to a destination simple and efficient. A built-in digital compass on Auto Heading allows the captain to maintain course and make precise corrections with the touch of a finger. One-degree heading adjustments can be made with a tap on the joystick; 10-degree adjustments can be accomplished using the control panel. Trips with multiple stops between the starting point and final destination are a breeze with Waypoint Sequencing, which allows the operator to plot the boat's course using multiple points.

To inquire about a Mercury joystick piloting system or to learn more, contact your local dealer or boat builder of choice.

New for 2013, Joystick Piloting for Outboards is the latest joystick technology. Building upon years of expertise in joystick control by Mercury engineers, Joystick Piloting for Outboards gives you the same exceptional benefits Axius and Zeus offer, now available on outboard-powered boats.


Check with your dealer or boatbuilder for availability.

  • - Available on Dual/Triple/Quad 250hp & 300hp Verado engine installations.
  • - Available on dual-helm installations
  • - Available as a full repower for pre-rigged boats - specific Mercury dealers only

Standard Features

  • Skyhook digital anchor
  • Integrated Autopilot
  • Digital Throttle & Shift
  • SmartCraft Technology
  • VesselView 4 or 7

Since its launch in 2008, Axius has provided effortless joystick maneuverability to owners of large cruisers and sport boats. Combined with Bravo III drives, Axius increases all-around performance and efficiency while maintaining your confidence when the going gets tough.

Applications - Dual-engine MerCruiser gas & diesel DTS-ready engines for up to two helms

Standard Features

  • Low-speed joystick piloting
  • Digital Throttle & Shift
  • SmartCraft technology
  • Dual-helm capable

Axius Premier Features

  • Skyhook digital anchor
  • Integrated autopilot
  • VesselView 4 or 7

Note: Available with the Axius Premier package. Axius Basic does not include Skyhook, Autopilot and VesselView.

The system that started it all in 2007, Zeus pod drives continue to provide exceptional handling and performance for larger boats, while improving maneuverability with low-speed joystick piloting.

Applications - Dual/Triple/Quad Cummins Marine Engines

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  • Skyhook digital anchor
  • Integrated autopilot
  • Digital Throttle & Shift
  • SmartCraft technology
  • VesselView 4 or 7
  • Dual-helm capable

Applicable engines for gas:

Joystick Piloting for Outboards

  • 250 and 300 Verado

Axius Joystick Piloting

  • 5.0 L with Bravo III drive
  • 5.7L with Bravo III drive
  • 6.2L (377) with Bravo III drive
  • 8.2L Mag with Bravo III drive
  • 8.2L H.O. with Bravo III drive

Applications for Diesel Axius

  • Mercury Diesel 2.8L 220
  • Mercury Diesel 4.2L 270, 320, 350
  • Mercury Diesel TDI 3.0L 230, 260
  • Mercury Diesel TDI 4.2L 335, 370

Applications for Diesel Zeus

Zeus is supported by Cummins Marine engines

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