About Gauges

Digital vs. Analog

Gauges come in a variety of different styles, colors and shapes, as well as analog and digital versions.

Analog gauges are very basic displays that typically have a pointer and scale to indicate a specific measurement such as speed, RPM, trim, or fuel level. Analog gauges are connected by wires that carry signals from the engine. For years, engines primarily supplied analog signals; today’s technology has brought digital engines such as Verado and OptiMax to the market.

Mercury’s digital gauges are referred to as SmartCraft In our product line, all sterndrive, Verado, and OptiMax engines – along with all FourStroke engines 40hp and above – are SmartCraft compatible, which means they can use either digital or analog gauges. Engines that are not SmartCraft-compatible (30hp and below) can only use analog gauges.

SmartCraft gauges include an LCD display that allows a variety of features to be displayed either all at once or one at a time, depending on the model. This gives you access to all your engine’s systems with the touch of a button.