Confidence-building coverage.

Every Mercury outboard comes with a Three-Year Limited Factory-Backed, Nondeclining Warranty. Every Verado … every OptiMax … every FourStroke. In addition, Mercury features the industry’s only Three-Year Limited Corrosion Failure Warranty. What does that mean to you? Factory-direct support and total peace of mind.

In addition to Mercury's three-year standard warranty, all Mercury outboards come with an additional three years of our limited corrosion protection warranty as well. So in even the harshest environment, your engine is protected.

Mercury warranty coverage is factory-backed. Your dealer works directly with us, so there are no third-party claims to file – and no adjusters to contend with.

Mercury warranty coverage is nondeclining. The warranty coverage is the same on the last day of your warranty as it is on the first – coverage doesn’t decline based on the age of your engine, or the number of hours you’ve put on it.

Warranty coverage extends to the controls and rigging components on boats originally rigged with genuine Mercury Precision Parts. That’s years of peace of mind on your cables and controls.

For long-term relationships, Mercury Product Protection plans are available with up to seven years of factory-backed coverage.