Our efficiency is world-class.

Sure, Mercury's sophisticated engineering and innovative technology result in world-class outboard reliability and performance. But boaters like you demand outstanding fuel economy – and Mercury delivers. Take the Mercury Verado and OptiMax outboard families, for example. When compared to other outboards, the Verado and OptiMax can save you thousands of dollars over five years. This fuel efficiency isn't exclusive to our large outboard families; it also pertains to our small and mid-range horsepower outboards. The writing is on the wall. When it comes to fuel efficiency, ours is a lineup of outboards that remains almost impossible to best.


No Compromises

Verado's enhanced Range Plus Powertrain features forged pistons, precision-machined oil dams, eccentric grooved crankshaft main bearings, a unique intake cam profile, and our reliable PCM (power control module) to give you increased fuel efficiency and power without sacrificing reliability. Take the 150hp Verado: At maximum cruise, it provides up to 56 more miles of range per 40-gallon tank than Suzuki or Evinrude.

Excellent Efficiency

The OptiMax Pro XS-exclusive Dome-Shaped Pistons and combustion chambers efficiently direct the fuel/air charge to the spark plug, significantly adding to its excellent fuel economy and low emissions. The OptiMax Air Compressor provides a steady charge of cooled air for maximum combustion efficiency. Overall, the innovative OptiMax DI system delivers the ultimate in efficiency, squeezing more miles and performance from every drop of fuel. The 250hp Optimax ProXS, for example, at maximum cruise, delivers 52 more miles of range per 48-gallon tank than Evinrude E-TEC HO.

Full Throttle Optimization

Enhanced PCM calibration on Verado and OptiMax outboards helps optimize fuel economy at full throttle and cruising speeds.

Go Farther for Less

At cruise, the 50hp Mercury EFI FourStroke is 39 percent more fuel-efficient than a conventional 50hp two-stroke, which provides 63 more miles of range per 21-gallon tank and can save you nearly $1,300 in oil and fuel over five years.