MerCruiser's SeaCore system is the world's premier saltwater system. Rather than just enclosing the drive components in a plastic shell, we protect them to the core with industrial hardcoat anodizing, a closed-cooling system and widespread use of stainless steel components to ensure your MerCruiser engine handles the rigors of the saltwater environment over the long haul.

MerCruiser stands behind its state-of-the-art SeaCore system with a four-year factory limited warranty and a four-year limited warranty against corrosion failure. MerCruiser offers such a rock solid warranty because SeaCore is proven technology - the toughest saltwater protection system on the planet.

MerCruiser's SeaCore corrosion-protection technology gives your sterndrive legendary strength and durability

  • Exclusive low-copper, high-strength XK360 aluminum alloy provides unmatched corrosion resistance
  • The MercFusion paint system creates a tough, durable barrier to protect your engine
  • Closed-cooling system seals out saltwater from the block using 5-year, long-life coolant for long-term durability
  • Quality-grade 316 stainless steel components, including all underwater drive fasteners, steering shaft and motor mounts, are incredibly durable
  • MerCathode® actively prevents corrosion
  • Hard anodizing and sealing treatment is more abrasion-resistant for added corrosion protection
  • A four-year limited corrosion failure warranty offers confidence and peace of mind in your engine's long-term durability

MerCruiser's SeaCore technology is a comprehensive corrosion protection system developed to ensure your MerCruiser engine handles the rigors of the marine environment over the long haul. SeaCore's unique hardcoat anodizing process changes the molecular structure of the engine's aluminum alloy in order to create a shield against corrosion-creating a more abrasion-resistant surface than competitive paint processes. The exclusive XK360 aluminum alloy of SeaCore has extremely low levels of copper - a metal highly susceptible to corrosion - making it incredibly resistant to wear.

Additional built-in corrosion features, including a closed-cooling system, which seals out saltwater from the block, and widespread use of stainless steel parts impervious to saltwater corrosion, contribute to a SeaCore system which is the toughest and most complete corrosion-resistant technology on the water.

In a two-year test period in a normal saltwater environment, SeaCore hardcoat-anodized units were 25 times more corrosion-resistant.