Emissions Control Technology

As a marine industry leader, MerCruiser understands the responsibility it bears to help take care of the waters we boat on and the destinations we seek. That's why we have made a commitment to Emissions Control Technology (ECT), offering a full line of sterndrive and inboard engines in the 135-430 hp range that comply with the California Air Resource Board (CARB) and the Environmental Protection agency (EPA) emissions requirements.

To meet these emissions standards, Mercury Marine utilizes a reliable catalyst system that produces cleaner exhaust without limiting classic MerCruiser performance. That means you get the full rush of pure MerCruiser power, all while helping to preserve that fresh wind whipping by as you cruise along - not to mention keeping our greens green and, of course, our blues blue.

Nobody else offers a more comprehensive selection of ECT engines than MerCruiser. From the wildly popular 3.0L all the way up to the 8.2L big block, only MerCruiser has had the insight and wherewithal to invest in this game-changing technology to ensure its availability on a global scale.

MerCruiser has developed its ECT engine lineup with its trademark technological acumen, accomplishing significant emissions reductions while still being able to offer classic MerCruiser speed and acceleration. You get the same performance as a non-ECT engine but with 5 to 10 percent better cruising fuel economy, not to mention similar gains in noise reduction.

Keeping with tradition, MerCruiser's ECT engines are incredibly reliable thanks to extensive testing and development. You'll get consistent performance throughout the life of the engine, meaning your engine will perform the same in year 10 as it did when you first bought it.

And, of course, when you select a MerCruiser ECT engine, you also team up with the largest and most expert dealer and service network on the planet. How's that for assurance?