The Mercury-exclusive SmartCraft technology acutely monitors the vitals of your engine systems, such as fuel usage, rpm, engine trim and efficiency, and delivers the data to you in an easy-to-read digital display. SmartCraft functions such as SmartTow - which optimizes watersports settings - take the complication out of piloting so that you can focus on maximizing fun out on the water.

SmartCraft features such as ECO-Screen help you optimize fuel economy; MercMonitor lets you customize data readouts displayed on an easy-to-read LED screen.

Reap the benefits of standard SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS): smooth shifting, immediate throttle response, and cutting-edge digital controls and information displays

SmartCraft: More Boating, Less Work

That's been the goal of the Mercury SmartCraft team from day one - to make boating more enjoyable through the use of boater-friendly technologies. SmartCraft technology enables engine components to gather and share information with each other and you - integrating this digital information to make monitoring your vessel, its engine and external conditions an easy, intuitive process. The following SmartCraft options help accomplish our goal: maximizing the enjoyment you get on the water.

DTS - ShadowMode

With Mercury Shadow technology, there's no more grappling with multiple engine levers. Instead, you have just two levers controlling multiple engines. Operation is simple, smooth and intuitive. And for the first time, it allows for both triple and quad engines and dual helm installations. Just what you'd expect from Mercury Marine, the world's leader in marine technology.


This digital-vessel monitoring system allows you to select three pieces of data - such as rpm, speed, or gallons per hour - and customize your gauge readout based on the vessel data most important to your operation. You can even customize up to five of these tri-data screens so you can adjust effortlessly to meet your changing needs. The data is displayed on an easy-to-read, multicolor LED screen, with seven color choices to help you easily organize your customized readouts.


ECO-Screen is a cutting-edge system monitoring feature of the SmartCraft MercMonitor that tells you what you need to do to obtain the best fuel economy for your application. It does this by constantly monitoring engine rpm, boat speed, fuel consumption and engine trim to automatically calculate and guide you to your best fuel economy settings. The ECO feature automatically runs in the background, is easy to read and understand, and uses a multicolor screen that turns green to show you, at a glance, when you've optimized fuel economy.


SmartTow, the latest SmartCraft advancement in tow sport technology, combines an rpm-based cruise control for consistent speed with the Mercury-exclusive Launch Control, which determines the intensity you want out of the water. Forget about the daunting challenge of manually maintaining speed or attempting to estimate the weight of your boat plus crew; simply select from five Launch Control profiles for pull intensity, enter your rpm endpoint, and SmartTow takes care of the rest.