Cedar Creek Remediation

Property History

1906 Milwaukee Northern Railroad Company constructs the facility as a barn for rail cars.
1922 Milwaukee Electric Railway and Light Company purchases Milwaukee Northern's stock.
1942 Herbert A. Nieman Company purchases the property as a canning factory.
1950 Kiekhaefer Corporation purchases the facility and converted it into an aluminum die-casting plant.
1961 Kiekhaefer Corporation is purchased by Brunswick Corporation and becomes Mercury Marine.
1982 Mercury Marine closes operations at the die-casting plant.
1983 Brunswick sells the property to Madison Avenue as a dry good warehouse.
1993 Brunswick purchases the facility back from Madison Avenue.
1994 Mercury Marine commences source control and storm-sewer remediation.
1994 Mercury Marine designs and implements a Ruck Pond removal action.
1995 Mercury Marine conducts remediation activities in Ruck Pond.
2000 Mercury Marine completes floodplain remediation within Hamilton Pond.
2001 Mercury Marine signs an agreement with the EPA to continue studying water, soil and sediment in Cedar Creek, as well as evaluate potential remedial options.
2005 Mercury Marine dismantles its former 66,000-square-foot plant on St. John Avenue, and a temporary cover is placed over the site.
2006 The EPA separates the Amcast site - a Hamilton Road property where a former automotive supplier also used PCBs - from Mercury Marine's Cedarburg plant site. This enables Mercury Marine's remedial work to continue unimpeded by Amcast's bankruptcy.
2007 Mercury Marine completes its evaluations of the Cedarburg plant property and submits a Remedial Investigation Report to the EPA.
2008 The EPA selects a remediation plan for Mercury Marine's Cedarburg plant property, based on Mercury Marine's studies. The action, which was described in a Record of Decision, included excavation of shallow and sub-surface soils at the site, with groundwater monitoring.
2012 Mercury Marine implements the EPA's selected action at the former Cedarburg plant property. In addition, Mercury Marine submits a Remedial Investigation Report to the EPA for Cedar Creek. The report summarizes the collection and analysis of hundreds of sediment, floodplain soil, water and fish samples.
2013 Mercury Marine completes remediation at the decommissioned Cedarburg plant property with final grading of site and grass seeding. Monitoring well installation scheduled for late summer of 2013.
2014 Mercury Marine initiates comprehensive soil and sediment sampling program on Cedar Creek, with the approval and oversight of EPA. The results will be used to design the cleanup plan EPA selects for the Creek later this year.

Since 1906, five additions have been made to expand the facility (in 1950-55, 1955, 1956-64, 1964-71 and 1973).